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Tallowood Treehouse is in the Highlands stage of the Ecovillage at Currumbin.
The house was sited in a clearing on a steep slope with only 1 shrub requiring removal for its construction.
It takes full advantage of the privacy & views into the bush and down the valley.
Designed to passive solar design principles it is comfortable year round.
It is self sufficient in water and wastewater treatment, and generates its own electricity.


By placing the house in an existing clearing on a north facing slope it feels completely surrounded by forest yet has plenty of access to sun and breezes.

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The view from the upper deck to the lower one made possible by the offset decks. The vertical connection this creates intensifies the connection to the surroundings .

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The entry path showing the new plantings catching up to the older, existing vegetation which was preserved.

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All bathrooms should be allowed to have a view. This one has in floor heating too, provided by the sun shining on the floor in Winter. Winter sun is under-rated on the Gold Coast.

315Trade 18_0766

View from the dining area past the living area/daybed to the forest and valley. Interior design, including the simple but beautiful lighting installation, by Sally Stent of Refound interior design

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The corner opening provides the strong, dynamic connection between interior and exterior living areas needed when you have a compact house.

315Trade 18_0707

View from down the hill showing the offset decks which create vertical connection, spatial drama, and maximise the views down into the valley from the upper level and sky views from the lower level.

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