1 m4 Marie exterior thumbnail2 m8 DSC_5515 thumbnail6 m2 IMG_5423 red thumbnail3 m5 DSC_5363 thumbnail5 m6 DSC_5400 thumbnail4 m7 DSC_5361 thumbnail
1 m4 Marie exterior

Renovation of a Queenslander in Brisbane, relocating the primary living areas to the ground plane to connect with the yard and pool.
A new 2 storey high "veranda" roof creates a dramatic outdoor room and the screening provides shading from the western sun while allowing filtered views of the sky.

2 m8 DSC_5515

View from the street

6 m2 IMG_5423 red
3 m5 DSC_5363
5 m6 DSC_5400
4 m7 DSC_5361

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